List of Software's

(Available for sale)

Sr. No. Title of Software Language Price in (Rs.)
1 Preliminary Irrigation Program (PIP) for Water Allocation: (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
2 Design & Evaluation of Standing Wave Flume : (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
3 Selection, Design and Discharge Tables for Cut Throat Flume : (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
4 Preparation of Water Charges Statement (Akarni Takta or Assessment Statement) : (MS-Excel- Marathi) Marathi 500/-*
5 Information System of Government Circulars on Irrigation Water Management ( Windows) English 500/-*
6 Rotational Water Supply Schedules Below an Irrigation the Outlet (RWS Schedules): (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
7 Computer software on Hydraulic Design of Canal and Computation of Depth of Water in Canal: (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
8 Estimation of Reference Crop Evapotranspiration (ETo) By Modified Penman Method Including Analysis of Weather Data: (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
9 Discharge Table for Head Regulator of Main Canal : (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
10 Selection & Hydraulic Design of Weir Type Level Regulator : (MS-Excel) English 500/-*
11 Water Allocation based on Crop Yield Response to Water Stress: (MS-Excel) English 250/-*
12 Computation of Back Water Profile (M1 Type) in Prismatic Channel: (MS - Excel) English 250/-*
13 सह्भागी सिंचन व्यवस्थापन संगणक प्रणाली -(महाराष्ट्र सिंचन पध्दतीचे शेतक-यांकडून व्यव्स्थापन अधिनियम 2005 व नियम 2006 अंतर्गत) मराठी Free

* Terms & Conditions are Applicable.

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