Training Programs

The Institute conducts about 152 training courses of 1 to 15 weeks duration (with potential of about 50,000 trainee-days) every year for different target groups of professionals, which include a weeklong course for progressive farmers on campus, 2 to 3 days courses for farmers in irrigation project commands, and 2  to 3 days courses for women farmers.

In addition, the Institute has also been organizing specially designed courses on demand from other States/Organizations and for other countries, and also national and international seminars.

Training Courses Conducted by Institute

A) For officers & employees

Sr. No. Name of Course Duration in weeks
1 Intensive Training Courses 15
2 Induction Training course for directly recruited Officers of ID 12
3 Orientation Course in IWM 2 to 4
4 Special Training courses in IWM 1 to 3
5 Workshop on computers/Farmers organization /Drip and Sprinkler / IWM etc 1

Dignitaries and Gold Medallist of Intensive Training Courses in Feedback Workshop of Intensive Training Courses at WALMI, Aurangabad, March 2002

B) For Farmers :

Sr. No. Name of Course Duration in weeks
1 Training Course for Progressive Farmers at WALMI 5 days
2 Training Course for farmers in command area of Irrigation Projects 1 to 3 days
3 Training Course for Women Farmers in command area of Irrigation Projects 1 to 3 days
4 Training Course for progressive Women Farmers at WALMI 2 days

Farm Women Participants in Training Course at Newasa, Dist. Ahmednagar, March 2002

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